Reading 30 books a year, is that too much?

I mean if podcasts and books were siblings and I parented both of them, podcasts could beat the shit out of books, and I would still side with him (or her). Even though I'd know very well that the latter is making a structured argument, but the former is just more fun. It has a sense of humour, a personality, but also occasionally lies and makes absurd arguments for attention. But hey! At least it keeps it entertaining and fun in the house. Books can be entertaining too, but often have that snobbish "I am always right" side to them. And most of the times they are right! Until you read one of those self-proclaimed guru's book that is basically just his or her opinions. No actual research behind it, nothing to prove that the methods prescribed actually work. Just a bunch of opinions. Some really controversial ones at that.


Reliving Summer

There's something about the winters that makes me procrastinate work without guilt, and it gets progressively worse when the day light savings end. The sun sets at five and by seven I am tucked inside a quilt watching my favourite mind-numbing shows and podcasts that bring less joy than they used to. Occasionally, I step out of the house, stroll around the neighbourhood, get coffee or tea and stare at skinny pets dressed in furry clothes.

The best thing to do then is to find a cozy cafe, where the espresso machine isn't louder than the white-noise in my ears and where the baristas are friendly. The ones that don't ask, "Can I get you something else?" every fifteen minutes. No miss, there are only so many bagels I can eat at once!

Should have seen it coming!

There is a lady walking her dogs, one is a poodle the other's a pitbull. Weird, isn't it? I am no dog expert, but I have a feeling the pitbull is gonna maul the poodle one day. But of course, it's the poodle that's more aggressive and the pitbull that's all smiley. She looks at me, while the dogs take a leak under the tree. We are the only living beings in about twenty meter radius. The wind is chilly and I can feel an itch on the back of my head, which is under the snapback, which is under the hoodie. Hence I am lazy and I hope it goes away on its own.

You see a trailer, before the action happens. Sometimes a day before, sometimes the moments before it happens, you just need to be aware that you are watching it when you're watching it, the narrator says.

FARTS OF SPEECH (Attention Deficiency) #1

My attention span is abnormally minimal. In fact, let’s just say, if it was my wage I would be perpetually broke. If it was my dress, there would be plenty of naked hairy legs. If it was a response, it would be a:  “?” or, “fuck, what?”. If it was a text, it would be … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (Attention Deficiency) #1

Farts of Speech (Anger Mismanagement) #4

Being angry doesn’t necessarily mean you fight the person. It doesn’t mean you cause him physical harm and chew his ears off. You’re not Mike Tyson. You don’t have a lisp or a face thattoo. You have an arm tattoo, which is basically your own name written in ambigram and you’re tired of people asking … Continue reading Farts of Speech (Anger Mismanagement) #4


Awkward dates, where I may like someone, but struggle to strike a conversation with the person, is when I am at my worst. My brain freezes. Thoughts, ideas, and words refuse to come out. And if they do, they tend to be incoherent, inadequate, and idiotic. Boy, do I get lexical constipation! Soon I am … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (SELECTIVE MUTISM) #6