Should have seen it coming!

There is a lady walking her dogs, one is a poodle the other's a pitbull. Weird, isn't it? I am no dog expert, but I have a feeling the pitbull is gonna maul the poodle one day. But of course, it's the poodle that's more aggressive and the pitbull that's all smiley. She looks at me, while the dogs take a leak under the tree. We are the only living beings in about twenty meter radius. The wind is chilly and I can feel an itch on the back of my head, which is under the snapback, which is under the hoodie. Hence I am lazy and I hope it goes away on its own.

You see a trailer, before the action happens. Sometimes a day before, sometimes the moments before it happens, you just need to be aware that you are watching it when you're watching it, the narrator says.


Farts of Speech (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #5

I heavily disregard the idea of physical fighting. Unless you are aiming for the Olympics or UFC, you shouldn’t body wrestle anyone you don’t want to fuck. Because usually in a wrestle, there is too much of intimacy and hand holding. Which then makes people question your unspoken preferences after a point. I think you … Continue reading Farts of Speech (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #5

Farts of Speech (Anger Mismanagement) #3

It’s not like I cannot keep my anger in check or that I will, without any concerns, snap at an authoritative figure who could fuck me over. Nope. Being angry does have its own share of perks at some selected places. Airport immigration being a major exception. Nostril flaring, sarcasm, or direct insults should be … Continue reading Farts of Speech (Anger Mismanagement) #3


I often come across these pious coercers who offer me the advice: Holding on to anger is like, drinking poison and expecting others to die. Sorry, you’re confusing suicide with murder. You’re worried about me causing self-destruction or at the very least going Van Gogh. I am endorsing: emotional harm, harsh-criticism and belittling, wherever appropriately … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (ANGER MISMANAGEMENT) #2


Awkward dates, where I may like someone, but struggle to strike a conversation with the person, is when I am at my worst. My brain freezes. Thoughts, ideas, and words refuse to come out. And if they do, they tend to be incoherent, inadequate, and idiotic. Boy, do I get lexical constipation! Soon I am … Continue reading FARTS OF SPEECH (SELECTIVE MUTISM) #6