We at the Bangalore write club started a culture of publishing monthly magazines on Amazon Kindle in July of 2017.

Now I know the word, “magazine” may sound misleading to some. It sounds like you are in for some celebrity gossip columns, 7 latest trends on how to stylishly match your scarf with sleeveless tunics and leather belts, and bikini-clad women standing next to a Samsung plasma TV print ad giving you pro tips on you how to get that perfect summer body.

Relax! It’s none of that. It’s a collection of short stories. (How boring! I know.)

How does it work?

We submit stories on a dedicated google drive by 25th of every month and in the first week of the next month, all our stories appear on Amazon. Simple.

Well, not really. We have some very dedicated members who are in charge of compiling, designing and editing all the crappy work we submit. Overall it’s managed by Ankit Jha. A very humble and soft-spoken guy, who came up with this idea and also volunteered for the overall management. So kudos to him.

If you want to know more about the Write club or the monthly magazines, do click on this link. 

Get an idea

If you still want to get a feel of how good (or bad) the stories are, do check out the dropdown tab of this page. There are sample stories from each month. Every section has a sample of the featured story and a sample from the story I submitted.