Over the years, I have been a co-member of numerous blogs. Some of them worked out for a brief period. Some did not. I even remember being a part of a huge group (30 something authors). Needless to say, it was a disaster. Overly chaotic people fighting over yahoo chat (this was 2008-2009) and no clearly defined common goals for the members. Guess, it was all a very juvenile phase. I did not know anyone personally, but I learned a lot from my experience by interacting with everyone. Then there were cosy groups with just 4-5 members but we did not know what to do with the blog. Once in a while, someone wrote a satirical piece and shared it on Facebook, people laughed, commented and appreciated the whole effort. But that was all.

Then in the year 2014, I made some amazing friends through WC and in a year or so, LitLatte was born.


One of us came up with this name, I can’t remember who. But we all agreed on the name. It was born out of our love for “Literature” and coffee, “Latte”.

Months later, we also thought of the name, “LitFam”, but it was too late by then, we had already bought the domain, designed the logo, and put out a considerable amount of work.


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