My Books

How difficult it is to write a book? Very!

I can barely manage to write short stories, let alone a complete novel. Yet, over the years, I have written full manuscripts aspiring to publish them one day,  but I have ended up trashing them all. I have written hundreds of short stories, descriptive scenes, and prose, and discarded them mercilessly. I have tried various forms of poetry but I am not quite proud of them.

So needless to say, I am self-aware that I do not consider myself a good writer by my own standards. Still, I love writing. And sometimes, when I am in the company of other writers, I try not to shy away. Because one needs to start somewhere and also because they all push me to try.

And that’s exactly what happened on a few occasions. My fellow writers proposed the idea of publishing anthologies in specific genres. We all had our share of doubts, but after months of figuring out the logistics, we managed to put them out. This section of the website is all about these books. Go on. Read them. Tell us, how good or bad they are. The links are in the dropdown tab of this page.