Literary Wordplay Theme Park

Welcome to the strange play on words,

 just acrobats of quips about two thirds,

A circus of literally just puns.

Wait … I meant, a showcase of literary puns

Every element is relevant in this plot,

except, we’ll be shooting stones with birds

Hanging there, on your right, you’ll see the Chekov’s Gun

Hang in there, by that cliff, The chief will see what this mess is

The message, just turned into blue ticks. The check’s off; it’s gone.

Here’s a toolbox of sharp, but unnamed literary devices.

Why, you ask?

Why would you ask such a rhetorical question?

Anyway, I am calling this noun, McGuffin,

Might pull out some knives later,

Fewest assumptions; won’t be my Occam’s razor

I am foreshadowing.

Litotes; you’d be glad I am not bluffing

Because my pen’s sharp, but blades couldn’t make the cut; not even my paper

Papercuts and proudly passionate for pathetic popular puns

Alliteration game is strong, but irony as awful as fun-loving nuns

This literature here, is lit and that first person you saw, is POV,

Those are their 2nd and 3rd cousins,

 with their backs arced like their characters,

And that’s their friend omni,

Apologies, for the errors in my abbreviations,

In other words, aberrations in my abree.

Fall in love with these shortened words, but not apostrophes

They’d constantly hang over your head, and are extremely possessive.

Hyperbole-ing in this alley, you could strike the meta in this passage,

Because the meta-for this passage, is less meta,

and more like these laser tags,

Kickass, bruised butts, two red dots on your colon

Bold underlying subtext?

You mean, like, an invisible head, Heading to a Sub?

And you can see just CAPS hovering over word salad?

But not sandwiches because it’s not a club?

The unreliable narrator in me will tell you, that maybe this thing’s a sham

These prose ain’t loyal,

And the sheepish voices verses screams, you herd?

That’s just a movie playing; The Silence of the Lambs

Whole thing’s about phonetics, but not one anagram

Still it’s so phoney,

feel free to #throwback on Instagram

Motif here was an amusement theme, park that aside,

I’ll tell you about it later,

My protagonist just turned the climax anti, and I can see the anger,

You see, I am simply going to break the fourth wall

And just callback the Chief Cliffhanger.


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