2018 Bangalore Write Club Magazines

2018 started on a good note, for our monthly magazines. Some newcomers joined us. Some not so newcomers decided to contribute, and here and there people showed some amount of interest in the whole process. Which is always a good sign! We need more people to volunteer. We need more visibility. And we want this trend to continue as long as we can.

I am determined, that I will not miss out on the deadlines this year (so far I have not). I won’t cheat this year. As in, I will put out work that I have not submitted in any of my books. And I will try and write as many original pieces as I can.

If you are reading this, then I assume you have some amount of interest in checking these editions out. So go on then, click on the drop down and read a few excerpts. If you don’t like a story or the author’s style, do check out a few more of us. I am sure you won’t dislike all of our work. And if you do, feel free to give a constructive feedback and tell us what we can improve:) Happy reading!