2017 Bangalore Write Club Magazines

The idea that the Write club should have a monthly magazine was proposed somewhere during the month of April or May last year, from what I can vaguely recall.

From there on, it was a series of “what ifs?” and “hows?”, for a month or so, until some of us said, fuck it! Let’s give it a try, this particular way, on this particular platform, and see how it goes. Within a month, we had a solid format, a platform, and a super nice volunteer to manage the task (who btw had also proposed the whole concept).

Our first edition came out in the month of July. We had managed only four stories then. But that’s because the submission rules were tougher, the minimum word requirements were higher, and of course, there was a lot of scepticism around how it would all shape up. But ever since then, we kept the editions rolling and we also saw a gradual increase in the count and kept the submissions pretty consistent.

I tried my best to contribute as much as I could, but of course, I failed here and there. Missed out on deadlines, cheated and submitted my already published stories. All that.

Anyway, in this drop-down section of the page, you can find all our editions, an excerpt from each month’s featured stories and an excerpt from my submitted stories.

Go on then! Check them out!  Leave a comment! Happy reading!